Voting Part B

  1. There is a lot of planning that went into the voter registration drive held here at Newberry College. We made decisions  on how we should advertise or promote the drive, where we would set up or location spots, should we give them something for participating, reserving spots, making signs/getting props, information to distribute to them, and lastly we had to make decisions on what shift everyone would be working. The different groups we formed was the data group, informational group and advertising group.      Image result for voter registration drive
  2. One of the most successful parts of the drive was the turnout. We had more turnout to register to vote than we planned. Even if they did not vote, they still filled out one of the surveys which also was helpful to us. I also thought that it helped that we knew people on campus which really drew people to come over to our table. It also helped that it was St. Patrick’s Day and our drive had that theme which caught individuals walking by attention. Some areas that need to be addressed in the future is the importance of voting. This needs to be stressed a lot because citizens need to see that they have a say in who is put into office.Some challenges that members of my group faced related to getting people to vote was getting them to see that their vote does matter. Many also did not like any of the candidates that were running for President. Some also did not know that when you a register to vote you do not only have to vote for the President but you can also vote for those in office on the the lower levels.

  1. The Voter Registration Drive that we hosted does tie in on a national scale. This is because its nearly impossible to get everyone to register to vote. But with this drive being held on a college campus it gives the young adults that just previously turned 18 as well as older students the opportunity to register. Another reason how it ties in a national scale because if one college campus can do it, it will encourage other college students to orcustrate a voter registration drive. If even half of the colleges in the country hosted a voter registration drive. With more voter registration drives, the percentage of missing voters  will gradually decrease.

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