Voting and Voter Registration


  1. Voter Registration is the requirement in some democracies for citizens and residents to check in with some central registry specifically for the purpose of being allowed to vote in elections. Full voter registration originated in the early 19th century. State governments, dominated by wealthy white men, were concerned with the growing participation of foreign-born people voting in local elections. As a result, they instituted voter registration to make sure non-citizens did not vote; therefore, the purpose is to prevent certain people from voting. White men who owned property were originally the only individuals to vote. In the south, laws subjected black voters to arbitrary examinations by election officials who thought they lacked understanding of the issues. Black votes were even thrown out based only on the judgment of these officials. In 1870 the right to vote was extended by amendments that forbade the denial of a person’s right to vote based on birth, race, color, previous condition of servitude, failure to pay poll or other taxes, or duration of residency in a voting district. This was the 15th amendment. In 1920 the right for women to vote was allowed which is found in the 19th amendment.

2. People who do not register to vote

3.Typifying example:  Many Americans are eligible to register to vote in the United States but many do not take advantage of that freedom. In 2008 41% of young adults(18-24) were not registered to vote.

Name: The name used to classify this troubling condition is unregistered voters.

Statistics: There were 218,959,000 people eligible to vote in 2012, but of of all those people 126,144,000 voted which is 57.5%.Out of those eligible, 146,311,000 people were registered to vote.    

4. Worsening Problem– If we do not vote it affects access to health care, the distribution of wealth, the social and political climate of our country, as well as civil rights. Not voting means that you aren’t getting a say in the people who are governing and representing us.  If we ever want equal representation for women, racial minorities, and young individuals, we have to register to vote and have a say in who should be elected into office.Many people truley do not know the importance if voting. Everyone has a chance to be heard , it’s just who is willing to take that chance.

Familiar type of problem: In other countries the government takes the lead in registering their voters and keeps track on when they move around the country. However, the government in the U.S is not there yet and citizens have to register themselves.International Business Times gives reasons why voter registarion is a major problem.

People affected: People affected– Young people, low-income citizens, and minorities are the largest amount of people that will be affected by the lack of voting.

Range of people– People the age of 30 and below have the highest numbers of non-voters as well as non-registered voters. (Who votes, who doesnt, and why?)

Challenge to Traditional Interpretations: Although voter registeration is an issue today, many years ago certain people could not vote;therefore, voting in early America has came a very long way.



5. Missing Voter  Project:

Ajahna: I liked that they were not there to tell us who to vote for but simply the importance of registering to vote and actual voting. I think by spreading the word and doing more events and showing individuals the importance of voting of voting it will not only get people interested, but also increase the voter registration turnout. However, I think the biggest challenge for organizations like MVP is showing individuals that they do have a say in who can be elected into office. Some people still believe that there are still ways for officials to “rigg” the votes. For instance the Electoral College

Video Link: The importance of voting

Monteleto: I enjoyed having the Missing Voter Project speakers. They motivated the audience to get involved with the election. They also provided information on how easy it is to vote and how to get registered to vote and they never tried to persuade the audience to vote for a specific candidate. It is important to vote because, your vote is your voice.



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