Blog #1- Categorization & Language

  1. Ajahna is from Atlanta, GA and is a Senior majoring in Political Science. She is the captain of the Womens Lacrosse Team and espires to become a Judge in the Family Law field. She became interested in this field because it has always intrigued her. kingAtlanta’s King and Queen

Taylor is from Columbia,SC and is a freshman Communications major. She is an assistant coach for a majorette team in Columbia and hopes to work for non-profit organization called the Girl’s World expo.

Monteleto is from Greenville, Sc  and is a freshman majoring in psychology.


2. Name of Object? Handcuffs


Category? Law enforcement


Common Use? To prevent those from possibly harming police officers or other individuals.

arrest 2

Other Possible Uses? Magic tricks,

3. In the Article “Its OK to be Ugly”, Lynn Romer explained that it is alright to be “ugly”. She first gives background of how her group “Pinocchoio Plot” was founded which was that all her life she was picked on for being ugly and not fitting society’s view of beautiful. Romer also states that this behavior is instilled into us as young children. Whether its from Disney movies, media, and our surroundings. The point of the article is to encourage individuals to open their eyes and break the chains of society.

As a group, we believe that this article does not successfully represent claimsmaking because Romer is making a claim; however, “looksism” is not politically correct, she states that it is instilled into indivuals at a young age and it is hard (almost impossiple) to change our view on this topic, and there has been indiviuals that also believe this topic is a problem; however, there are still magazines/ TV shows still protraying women and men to look a certain way. The Claimsmaker is Lynn Romer and a suggestion to stengthened the claimmaking is to broden the claim. Media is a big part of our society and Romer has to get out there and show that “looksism” is a problem. She also needs help with the policy aspect. Romer can contact the major policy makers who then can set policies and create new ways to address the problem. Romer’s point is majorly reliant on the media because that is todays major source of information; however, media is the same source that is against her claim because as stated earlier, being beautiful has limitations and restrictions.


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